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I would like to show you what I believe to be is the best possible way to swing a golf club. With the Mike Austin golf swing you can increase clubhead speed, improve distance and accuracy, and lower your scores!

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"Hi Steve, I think I got it!!!!! And it is exactly the way you describe it in your lessons. It feels so EASY, the ball goes straight almost every time, and there is no strain on the back. It just suddenly clicked that it's like tetherball- with the clubhead as the ball, the shaft as the rope, and your SCC like the pole! Centrifugal force!! This morning I was hitting 103 mph with a smooth 5/8 or 6/8 swing and could crank it up to 107 with a little more "snap." I'm 5'6" 145 lbs., wouldn't call myself particularly strong or athletic, and have been playing golf only 3 years (I'm 39, currently a 9 hdcp). With some more work on flexibility to take the club back a little farther, and some speed and strength training, I can easily see getting up to 110ss soon (something that seemed impossible last year) and dropping my scores consistently into the mid-70s this season - as fun as it is to see the increased swing speed, the Mike Austin technique has made pitching the ball so much easier, and enabled me to get up-and-down 7 times my last round (+3). Again, so many thanks .... what a difference this will make to my game if I can groove this motion. I'm from San Diego originally, so hopefully I can meet you for a live lesson the next time I'm out there visiting family!"

- David, United States

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