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I would like to show you what I believe to be is the best possible way to swing a golf club. With the Mike Austin golf swing you can increase clubhead speed, improve distance and accuracy, and lower your scores!

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"Steve, I was very skeptical about your overspeed training routine to increase clubhead speed but now after going through the process, it makes so much sense to me. In the past few weeks, performing the drills you recommended which require very little time (and effort in my opinion) every other day as you wanted, I have been able to increase my maximum swing speed from 90 MPH to 99 MPH. And my very best with the Overspeed club is 119 MPH (all measured using the Swing Speed Radar). It has not completely translated to on the golf course scoring performance yet, but I can tell that my body is becoming conditioned to swing faster with balance and rhythm. What use to feel like swinging out of my shoes became normal in about a week and I am working on taking it to the next level. I also regripped my driver with a Wynn grip Lite as you suggested which took the weight from 315 grams at D2 to 290 grams at D6 and got an immediate speed boost. Plus the driver clubhead at D6 feels so much heavier and I can feel it all the way to the top of the backswing. Thank you so much."

- Roger, West Hills, Ca

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