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Steve Pratt

I would like to show you what I believe to be is the best possible way to swing a golf club. With the Mike Austin golf swing you can increase clubhead speed, improve distance and accuracy, and lower your scores! Even at age 42, I can still routinely carry drives over 300 yards without fear of strain or injury. It just feels easy with this method.

To date, tens of thousands of golfers from all around the world have now improved their games through the lessons and information presented on this site.

My students improve rapidly. Newcomers quickly bypass the beginner phase. Advanced golfers, with the aid of Trackman, are able to make micro adjustments in the joint motions to become more efficient and precise. Even long drive professionals I have worked with have become champions.

I will put my results up against any teacher in the world!

In 1993 I was fortunate enough to work with golf legend Mike Austin, who took me under his wing because I had a degree in Kinesiology. Mike's 'perfect' golf swing is a sight to behold, and he was able to hit long and straight well into his late 70's.

Mike's 515 yard drive in the 1974 National Senior Open was just one of his many incredible feats. The only reason you may not have heard of Mike was because of his poor putting skills. But hitting the ball, he was like Moe Norman on steroids!

What makes hititlonger.com so unique is the personal service and support that members get. I answer all golf related questions and analyze all videos.

I truly believe that our site is the best online golf instruction site on the web, and will make you hit longer and straighter shots!


Steve Pratt

Steve Pratt

Kinesiologist, IGPTA certified in the Mike Austin Swing Method
  • Professional Golfer
  • 19 years of teaching experience
  • Trained under Dr. Mike Austin, So. Cal Teacher of the Year, 1984 - Perennial Golf Magazine top 20 teacher in the United States and Guinness record holder
  • Career low score of 63
  • Career long drive of 415 yards with 133 mph clubhead speed
  • California Lifetime Single Subject Teaching Credential
  • Graduate of California State University, Northridge - Specializing in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology
  • Member of Mountain View CC, La Quinta, California
  • Members get dozens of videos of Steve discussing and demonstrating the Mike Austin swing!  For a free tour of the member section, click here: http://www.hititlonger.com/join_now/

Teaching Philosophy

Steve teaches the Mike Austin swing. This swing takes advantage of all applicable laws of physics while also conforming to the laws of physiology. The result is an extremely powerful motion that feels natural and effortless. It is the most efficient way to hit a golf ball. Steve's background allows him to teach you the swing very quickly and clearly.

This website will help you learn the Mike Austin swing step-by-step from home. With hundreds of photos, videos and concise descriptions of the swing, you will quickly learn how to hit longer, straighter shots. Steve takes full responsibility for your improvement - if you don't improve in 30 days, simply contact us to receive a full refund, no questions asked.